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Event participants

Participating in a trail running event? Here are some hints to help you have an enjoyable run:
  • Have an idea of where the course goes – break the course down into chunks of similar terrain eg: go up a big hill for an hour, run along a ridge for a couple of hours, head back down to the valley for half an hour. Then follow along as you go. Should be heading along a ridge for a couple of hours but being going steeply downhill for 20 mins – you might have taken a wrong turn somewhere.
  • Got one of those snake bandages with the rectangles on it? Know how to use it? Try this:
    • Start from bottom of limb,
    • Apply the bandage by stretching it until the rectangles become squares,
    • Overlap the line of squares with the edge of the bandage on the next wrap,
    • Wrap to the top of the limb – use a second bandage if you have to.
    • Immobilise the limb and person – pressure bandage is only half the solution, keep patient still and bring help to the patient,
    • If bite not on a limb keep patient still and bring help to the patient.
  • More hints coming….

Wilderness Medicine

Below is a list of links that may be useful to those that work or play in remote and wilderness environments. Please note that listing here does not imply endorsement by RemoteMed.
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